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PD4ML Products Comparison Chart

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The products exist in Java and .NET versions

Jun. 18, 2019 PD4ML v4.0.4 is released and available for download. Start exploring the new version features from the examples repository.


  PD4ML Library PD4ML Library Pro PD4ML Volume License PD4ML Volume License (DMS Edition) PD4ML Source Code License
HTML/CSS to PDF converting library x x x x x
Standalone tool for HTML/CSS to PDF converting x x x x x
Convert an URL or HTML string to a PDF file or byte stream x x x x x
Set PDF page format and orientation x x x x x
Control page margins x x x x x
Generate external and internal hyperlinks x x x x x
Include images to PDF x x x x x
Encrypt resulting PDF x x x x x
Generate PDF bookmarks x x x x x
Customize page background x x x x x
Watermark pages x x x x x
Provide basic support for PDF forms   x x x x
Define footnotes   x x x x
Override hardcoded document style with additional CSS style sheets   x x x x
Assign read/print permissions to PDF x x x x x
Define text-only PDF headers and footers (including page numbers) x x x x x
Control header/footer appearance on selected pages x x x x
Define PDF headers and footers in HTML (including images and page numbers)   x x x x
Embed PDF attachments   x x x x
Custom JSP tags for easy PDF  converting (only Java version) x x x x x
Support for national character sets   x x x x
Embedding of TTF/Open Type fonts   x x x x
Lotus Notes/Domino documents conversion support x x x x x
Lotus Notes/Domino LZ1-compressed attachments conversion support         x
SVG graphics conversion to PDF and images x x x x x
HTML->RTF conversion   x x x x
HTML->Image conversion (including multipage TIFF output)   x x x x
PDF/A support       x x
Table of Contents generation   x x x x
Multicolumn layout output   x x x x
PDF document merge   x x x x
PD4ML Probe included (*)       x x
Unlimited number of deployments     x x x
Access to PD4ML source codes         x
Maintenance period: Email support and free updates 3 months 12 months
Highest priority of issue processing and change requests implementation     1000,-/year 1000,-/year 1 year included
Prices The prices are in EURO (German VAT is not included)
Java version 100,- 160,- 1400,- 2000,- 6000,-
.NET version 100,- 160,- 1400,-   6000,-
Java + .NET versions     2400,-
(save 400,-)
(save 2000,-)
Enterprise version
License covers all licensee company divisions and affiliate companies
8000,- 11000,- 30000,-

PD4ML Probe

PD4ML Probe is a GUI tool for HTML templates maintenance, evaluation of PD4ML features and API. 80,- EUR

PD4ML Professional services

We offer professional support in development or adapting of your HTML documents/templates to the maximal PD4ML compatibility; development of integration modules, custom resource loaders etc.

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